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News  »  Banwell Parish Council have adopted a new expenses / travel and subsistence policy

   Banwell Parish Council have adopted a new expenses / travel and subsistence policy    17 March, 2017

Banwell Parish Council

Travelling and Subsistence Policy



1.     Introduction

1.1.          This Policy for Members’ Travelling and Subsistence Allowances (referred to in this document as “the Policy”) is made under the provisions of the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 and its subsequent amendments.

1.2.          The Policy is approved by the full Council and may only be amended by the full Council.

1.3.          The Policy contains general clauses describing the overall arrangements for members’ travelling and subsistence allowances, together with Annex 1 showing the actual entitlements as agreed by the Council annually or when appropriate.

1.4.          In accordance with the provisions of the above Regulations, the Policy, including the Annex’s, is made by the Parish Council having first considered recommendations from the Remuneration Panel for North Somerset.

2.     Interpretation

2.1.          The term “councillor” in this Policy means an elected or co-opted councillor of Banwell Parish Council

2.2.          Use of the term “the Regulations” within this Policy is a reference to the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 and its subsequent amendments.

2.3.          Where there is an issue over the interpretation of the Policy, the view of the Clerk as Responsible Financial Officer shall be final.

3.     Payment of Allowances and Expenses

3.1.          Banwell Parish Council does not pay ‘attendance basic allowances’ to Members. Expenses properly made on items necessarily incurred, by a Councillor or by the Clerk in the performance of their duties or in connection with the work of the council, will be reimbursed at cost on production of a valid receipt or invoice. 

3.2.          The responsibility for the accuracy, integrity and correctness of the claim rests with the claimant.  Where in the opinion of the Clerk, a claim cannot for some reason be met within the rules of this Policy, the claim will not be paid and the claimant will be informed in writing of the reason.

3.3.          Travel and subsistence allowances are to be claimed promptly and must not be allowed to accumulate before claim. Councillors are to submit such claims monthly, within the normal accountancy deadlines announced by the Clerk which will normally be by the 31st March.

3.4.          Backdated claims for a period longer than two months may be accepted at the discretion of the Clerk. 

3.5.          Claims made after 31st March in respect of expenditure within the financial year ending on that date, shall be accepted only up to the deadline announced by the Clerk, which will normally be by the 30th April.  The Clerk shall have discretion to deal with exceptional circumstances.

3.6.          It is the responsibility of the Councillor to notify the Council of any material change in the information held by the Council and relevant to the processing of claims (e.g. change of address or vehicle details).

3.7.          Travel expenses will be paid as standard class rail fares or mileage allowance relief as per Annex 1.

3.8.          Parking costs will be paid on production of a valid parking stub for the date being claimed for.

3.9.          The current Travel and Subsistence Rules and Allowances are shown as Annex 1 of this Policy.

3.10.       For the purpose of making mileage claims, Councillors are permitted to claim for “allowable journeys” only – a list/definition of “allowable journeys” and relevant approved duties is shown as Annex 2 to this Policy. 

Appendix 1 – Travel and Subsistence Rules and Allowances 

Car User Allowance for all employees

All Fuel types and Engine Sizes                                     

             Mileage rates: -up to 10,000 miles                 45.0p (as from 1 April 2016)

                                                            -over 10,000               25.0p 

Bicycle allowance     2p per mile



Subsistence cannot be claimed for visits to Banwell Parish Council establishments during normal working hours.

Councillors necessarily incurring additional expense in the course of their work in respect of meals or overnight accommodation will be reimbursed approved expenses up to these amounts. These are the maximum limits and where less is spent the actual amount should be claimed. Claims for meals and overnight accommodation should not normally apply when staying on a residential course or residential conference.   All claims must be accompanied by a receipt. Claims for lunch cannot be made where lunch is part of a training course, seminar, site visit etc.

Breakfast (either as part of an overnight stay or leaving home before 7.00 am)     -up to £6.72

Lunch  (between 12pm and 2pm)                                                                           -up to £9.24

Tea (must include the period between 3pm and 6pm)                                              -up to £3.64

Evening meal (return or work beyond 7pm)                                                            -up to £11.44

Overnight absence                                                                                                   -up to £106.40


Any claims which exceed the above limits will be capped at those limits.  In exceptional circumstances subject to prior approval being obtained (and subsequent production of receipts) the Council may approve additional expenses.

Subsistence payments only apply to duties undertaken outside of Banwell. 


Appendix 2 – “Approved Duties” and “Allowable Journeys” for claim purposes 

Part A -  The following is a list of approved duties within the terms of the Regulations and approved by the Council for which travel and subsistence claims may be made.  

Attendance at:

•       in an observer capacity, pursuant to any legitimate role as a Councillor.

•       in order to exercise a statutory or constitutional power, right or duty.

•       a meeting of any body to which the Parish Council makes appointments or nominations (or of any committee or subcommittee of such body) but only as, or on behalf of, the appointed or nominated person;

•       any training or personal development event authorised under the agreed members’ training programme

•       An event /meeting where the councillor is representing the Parish Council

Part B – An “allowable journey” shall comprise the following:

Travel from the councillor’s home address (as notified to the Council) to the location of any of the meetings/events referred to in Part A above, where they are outside of the Parish of Banwell, and the return journey.




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