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   Gladman planning appeal Day 6    29 September, 2016

Firstly thank you to all the members of the public that were able to attend the inquiry over the last 6 days.  We know that this made a difference to how the inspector viewed the amount that the community cared.

Also thank you to Cllr Phil Hale and Cllr Paul Blatchford who lead the Parish Councils objections and took part in cross examination of the witnesses, requiring a huge amount of background reading, and thanks also to Cllr Mahoney for attending every day.

Most of this morning was taken up with cross examination of Gladman’s witness on policy. The last part of the morning/early part of the afternoon was taken up by a discussion on ‘Conditions’ and ‘Section 106 contributions’ if the development were to go ahead.  This is part of the planning process, preventing the inspector having to reconvene the inquiry at a later date.  It is not an indication of which way the inquiry will be decided.

The afternoon was closing submissions from both sides. Before the closure of the enquiry the barrister of the appellant asked that thanks be relayed to the members of the public who attended for their submissions and the respect that they showed to the process.  This sentiment was echoed by the Inspector who also thanked the Parish Council and commented that the award for star witnesses must go to Bella and Tom, the two school children who spoke last Thursday, he then closed the inquiry.

In essence, as a Parish I don’t think we could have done any more.  We had a good turn out from the public who spoke eloquently and were effectively represented by the Parish Council.

Once again thank you to everyone; whether you made representation, attended or passed on information.  When the decision is announced, I will ensure it is publicised.


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