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   Gladman Inquiry Day 4     23 September, 2016

The first part of their morning of the Inquiry was taken up with a long discussion on Gladman’s evidence in relation to the five year supply and were tested on their calculations for housing supply and allocation.

Then the Gladman witness for Highways was called.  It was recognised that there is an issue in the centre of Banwell with traffic.  Gladman have admitted that the development will cause traffic but they feel that it will not significantly impact what is already a problem.  They have however offered £15,000 to assist in some sort of mitigation in the narrows.  Cllr Blatchford, Cllr Hale and Cllr Mahoney were able to thoroughly cross examine the witness on the assumptions he had made on walking, cycling and driving through Banwell.

We had a great turnout today with just under 20 members of the public attending at some point during the morning.  With only two days left please continue to attend over the last two days of the inquiry, if you are able and encourage those who have not made it yet to also attend. 

Session 1 is 9:30am until approximately 1pm but includes a 10/15 minute break.  Session 2 runs between 2pm and will finish no later than 6pm again with a 10/15 minute break.

You do not need to stay for the entire session but please make sure you sign in as these are collected in every day.  To do this you need to enter the main chamber and then the sign in sheet is in front of you.  You can then either sit at the back of the main chamber or you can sit in the galley which is if you leave the main chamber turn left and then the stairs are on the right.

The inquiry continues for its last two day, next week on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th.

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