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   Gladman Planning Inquiry Day 1    20 September, 2016

 The Gladman planning enquiry opened today with very good support from the village with over 35 attending.  We had five villagers give evidence who gave a very good and rounded account of their objections.

It is evident that Gladmans are going to argue that North Somerset Councils have failed to meet their housing target and other points of law and inconsistencies, while North Somerset are arguing that loss of landscape and quality of life in the village is more important.

The inspector has already walked the village and has personal experience of driving through in the past.

Please attend over the next few days of the inquiry if you are able.  However, please note the change in start time which will be 9:30am.  The first session will be finishing at 1pm but includes a 10/15 minute break.  The afternoon session runs from 2pm and will finish no longer than 6pm again with a 10/15 minute break.

You do not need to stay for the entire session but please make sure you sign in.  To do this you need to enter the main chamber and the signing in sheet is in front of you.  You can then either sit at the back of the main chamber or you can sit in the galley which is if you leave the main chamber turn left and then the stairs are on the right.

The inquiry continues on Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd (but only in the morning) and then on the following week it will be Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th.

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