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   New Gladman planning application submitted    12 April, 2016

The original Gladman planning application 15/P/0248/O is still ongoing, and is due to be decided upon at the public enquiry in September 2016.

Gladman have now submitted a further application:

16/P/0753/O. Land South of Knightcott Road, Banwell.  Outline planning permission for the erection of up to 145no. residential dwellings (including up to 30% affordable housing)           introduction of structural planting and landscaping, public open planting and landscaping,   public open vehicular access point from Knightcott Road, Allotments, Community Orchard        and associated ancillary works. All matters reserved with the exception of access.

This is largely a duplication of the original application, with the only major change being that the number of houses has reduced from 155 to 145.

The reason for this is presumably that if the original application is turned down, then Gladman will try again with the amended application.

THIS MUST BE TREATED AS A SEPARATE PLANNING APPLICATION, which means that any comments made in regard to the original application will not be transferred to the new one, and will have to be submitted to North Somerset Council again.

Banwell Parish Council opposed 15/P/0248/O.  The reasons for objection can be found on this website, in the minutes dated 19th March 2015.

The Parish Council will be debating 16/P/0753/O at the Parish Council meeting on 9th May 2016.  This will be the Annual Parish Council meeting, and will not be a 'special' meeting similar to the meeting of 19th March 2015 as all of the reasons to oppose the original application still exist, and do not need to be debated at length again.  The main hall is unavailable that evening, and the meeting will be held in the bar area where space is very limited.

There is always a short 'public participation' section at Parish Council meetings, but this will be limited in time and will not replicate the extended public participation which took place on 19th March 2015.  Only 'new' comments not raised at the previous meeting will be allowed.

To summarise, if anyone wishes to make any comments regarding this revised application then they need to submit them to North Somerset Council, either by letter or on their website.


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