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   New Policy approved regarding Banwell War Memorial    17 September, 2015

Banwell Parish Council own and maintain the War Memorial and surrounding land. The Council is aware of the importance of the War Memorial to the local community and local sensitivities surrounding the placing of objects, and in particular Christmas trees, within the confines of the War Memorial site.

Banwell Parish Council has a public duty to ensure that any items placed on the War Memorial are not only safe but do not cause offence the wider community and to the families of those who gave their lives in service of their country.

With immediate effect, aside from the placing of Remembrance Wreaths or similar remembrance articles, the placing of any holiday display, signage, Christmas tree, or any other similar structure on The War Memorial located on West Street, Banwell is permitted only with the prior approval of Banwell Parish Council.

To obtain approval, an application must be submitted to the Parish Clerk at least six weeks before the intended placing of any such article. Any application must include:

  • What is intended to be placed
  • Whether the article is to be lit, whether by mains or solar battery power
  • Where exactly is/are the article(s) to be placed on the War Memorial
  • Dates for which the display will be erected and then removed
  • A copy of the applicant public liability insurance (if appropriate)

Any article placed on the War Memorial must comply with current Health and Safety legislation.

For any lit article, consideration must be given to the impact on adjoining neighbours.

If any application relates to the placing of a Christmas tree or similar large item, the installation must comply with Banwell Parish Council Risk Assessment 11878 and Tree method Statement. Both documents are available from the Parish Clerk, Banwell Parish Council, Banwell Village Hall, Westfield Road, Banwell, BS29 6BS. Email clerk@banwellpc.org.uk

Non approved items will be removed without consultation.

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