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   Press release regarding Christmas tree at war memorial    4 December, 2014

Banwell Parish Council

Press Release regarding Christmas tree at Banwell War Memorial

Banwell Parish Council would like to clarify the position regarding the Christmas tree which was, until Tuesday 2nd December, situated on the steps directly in front of the war memorial in West Street, Banwell.

In May 2014 Banwell Parish Council agreed to a request from Banwell Action Group for a donation of £150 towards Christmas trees that they were planning to erect in the village this Christmas.

On Monday 1st December 2014 the Parish Clerk became aware that a tree had been placed directly in front of the war memorial, and that this had happened over the weekend.

The war memorial is owned by the Parish Council, and therefore the responsibility for all health and safety matters relating to the memorial rests with the Parish Council.  The Council did not know who had erected the tree, and therefore could not contact this person to see if the lights had been tested (as is required by health and safety legislation).

Enquiries were ongoing when the tree was removed during the evening of Tuesday 2nd December.

On the morning of Wednesday 3rd December, the Clerk was informed by a member of the Banwell Action Group that they had erected the tree.

The Parish Council has not received any complaint about the Christmas tree, nor have they asked for it to be removed.

The Parish Council would have welcomed the opportunity to discuss the placing of a tree at the war memorial, as there has not been a Christmas tree at the memorial for at least five years.  Unfortunately no such request has been received.

Banwell Parish Council has always supported Banwell Action Group in their activities within the Parish, and welcomes the opportunity to work with them in the future.



Tony Jay

Banwell Parish Clerk

4th December 2014

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