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   Press and Media Policy    15 July, 2014



1.         It is vital that the Parish Council provides local people with the opportunity to engage and that the community can get directly involved with the democratic decision making process.

2.         The Council’s contact with the press and media is extremely important in this regard and should be undertaken in a positive and proactive way.

3.         All members of the Council are entitled to respond directly when they are contacted by the press and media. However, in doing so, they should take the following considerations into account:

3.1        to consider the wider implications of the information about to be imparted and in what capacity the information is being given, for what reason and purpose;

3.2        that the Parish Council’s Code of Conduct and Standing Orders be considered;

3.3        that if in doubt, members should seek the advice of an officer or fellow member in advance.

4.         In the event of individual members being contacted by the press or media careful consideration is to be given as to whether or not the enquiry should be referred to the Clerk; a direct quote can be given so long as it is made clear that the view expressed is a personal one and has not been given on behalf of the Parish Council.

5.         On receipt of a request from the press or other media for a formal statement the person receiving the request should advise the sender that a statement will be considered and issued shortly.

6.         All requests from the press or other media for an oral or written statement or comment from the Council should be co-ordinated by the Clerk, unless agreed otherwise.

7.         The Clerk will draft a response and discuss any respective statement, quotes and/or information to be provided with the members. Statements will then be issued on behalf of the Council.

8.         Press releases will be drafted by the Clerk in consultation with the members, and will be circulated to all members prior to being published.. Press releases would not necessarily be issued by a member. Where appropriate, quotes within press statements can include both member and officer comments.

9.         Due regard should be given to any ward related issues and any appropriate consultation with Ward Members.

10.        Should members wish to provide written statements/articles to the press or other media in their role as a Parish Councillor then these should be agreed in the first instance by the Clerk, and circulated to the other members prior to publication.

11.        The Parish Council acknowledges the right of the media to obtain information under the Freedom of Information Act and will co-operate with requests for information.

12.        Statements and press releases will be circulated to all press and media contacts and the Parish Council will keep a record of all communications with the press and other media, including any press/media coverage.                                                                                                    

(Originally adopted by Banwell Parish Council on 14th July 2014.  To be reviewed in July 2016)

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